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UK Pub Stopovers Location Map

This map will lead you to our databases of hundreds of UK pubs and other interesting locations that may allow motorhomes to stay overnight as an informal private agreement between you and the publican or business owner. These are divided into counties which can be accessed from the main menu.

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These pubs and businesses may (or may not) make a nominal charge, but often this may be offset by using the pub or business itself. Please confirm the individual place's requirements on arrival. Where possible telephone numbers and email addresses are included which will allow you to confirm, in advance, that the facility is still available and that there will be room for you. Your contact with the business will also establish that there has been no changes regarding ownership, policy or closure etc.

Not to be confused with campsites, these locations may offer some basic services or they may just be a car park offering parking only - no electricity, no water and no drainage. So in order to take advantage of these facilities you will need to manage your own resources accordingly.

Please help to make this a useful resource for members of Club Motorhome.

We are at constantly adding to the county/regional lists of agreeable pubs and other interesting locations and would welcome your own recommendations. There are several ways of doing this:

* Fill in the boxes of our 'Submit a Stopover' form below.

* Use the comment box at the bottom of the relevant county listing.

* Email us at to tell us about locations that you know will welcome motorhomes overnighting. The minimum information we need is the business name, town and county where it is situated.

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