- by Mattis Parking for motorhomes in Italy is probably one of the most liberal in Europe.  As long as there is no sign directly prohibiting motorhome parking, you are allowed to do so. This is partly due to many residents using these public parkings to semi-permanently 'park/store' their motorhomes.  Official or quasi official aires are plentiful down to Lazio, Marche and Umbria areas with the exceptions of such areas as around the Lakes, along the coastlines and around the Dolomite area.   You can view the pictured official stopover details here - Gubbio, Umbria, Italy
Attention Farm Shop/Vineyard/Brewery/Antique Centre/Craft Centre/Hotel/Other owners and of course Publicans! For the last 7 years we have listed hundreds of such UK locations on Club Motorhome. Generically referred to as 'Pub Stopovers' these lists now contain many other categories of businesses We are always looking for more motorhome friendly locations that are willing to allow the occasional motorhome to park overnight when they visit your premises.
Motorhome stopovers (Aires) in the UK Frustrating as it is, we know that with just a few exceptions, the UK has a tiny fraction of the excellent motorhome stopover facilities called Aires, Stelplatz, Sostas, Camper Stops etc that can be found all over Europe. These facilities allow motorhome (only) parking for short periods, maybe one night up to a few nights. They often have water and waste facilities and sometimes electricity. Some are free whilst others charge a small amount for parking and/or the use of the services. The provision of these facilities is meant to encourage users to spend a little money in the local community. They are not campsites so should not be considered for long stays - they are merely safe places to park, eat and sleep in your motorhome. From time to time motorhome enthusiasts or individuals try to lobby the relevant UK authorities to provide something similar, sadly with little or no result. Club Motorhome applauds those who make such efforts and wishes anyone well who considers going down this route in the future and although we are very happy to list any locations that do become available we are not optimistic enough to channel our own efforts in that direction. There are alternatives!
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  rhona dunbar — I understand you obviously cant give away locations without membership, can you please advise how many locasions exist in scotland please? it looks like about 8 on the map but that might not of course be representative thanks...
  rhona dunbar — Obviously you cant give locations without membership but can you please advise how many locations exist in scotland? thanks...
The following are just some of over 600 stopovers that are listed on Club Motorhome that contain video content. They have been kindly submitted by various members and from our (Admin's) own travels - these help to give a picture of the approach and surroundings to, or the stopover itself. The best way to see stopovers that have videos is to visit the region/country page that you are interested in, lots of Aires videos can be viewed on our YouTube page. This is a map showing some of the stopovers that contain video content. Click on any markers to reveal the location and link to the stopover. contentmap_module ContentMap requires Javascript support.
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