Just 5 steps to hopefully save the inconvenience and expense caused by frost damage. With the onset of winter it is really important to prepare your motorhome if you're not using it. When a liquid, in this case water, freezes its volume increases by nearly 10%. If this happens within a confined space, in this case your sealed water system, there is nowhere for that extra to go! End result? Burst pipework, connectors, couplings or tap bodies! The way to avoid this catastrophe is is properly drain down the water system, not just empty the tank.
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  mothy54 — Do all cassette toilets have a drain bung?...
How to use your toilet... Now this might seem a bit basic but if you are new to motorhoming you may just be a bit concerned about this essential aspect of using your motorhome – we certainly were!Preparation is the key and this is what you do.
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  NEILMAC — Good point about saving capacity ianandsue <br /><br />We've been using a 'sprayer' lately with diluted Thetford cleaner (yellow), seems to work well.......
  ianandsue — Neat idea! I'm sure it works a treat, especially if you are on a campsite and can empty the cassette easily. <br />However our problem is normally trying to avoid filling up the cassette between suitable disposal points. <br />To this end we use a small refillable hand spray canister, to......
How to connect to and disconnect from mains electricity For safety there is an order to the process of plugging in to mains (EHU).
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  Anne1959 — Thanks Neil have finally worked it out, much appreciated. Happy new year when it comes!...
  NEILMAC — If you mean on your fridge then it wouldn't normally be powered by your battery anyway. They only usually get power from EHU or by 12v when you are driving. Otherwise a fridge would drain your leisure battery very quickly.<br /><br />Please feel free to ask any questions on the forums. Y......
  Anne1959 — Lights etc on but not sure if it is the battery powering . Should the 240v light be on? So thick I know! Thanks again...
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