Ingredients Pork fillet or boneless chops Salt and pepper Oil Calvados Mustard – french, dijon, wholegrain A little milk (or crème fraiche if preferred.)
Ingredients 1lb dry spaghetti olive oil 6 garlic cloves 1lb uncooked prawns peeled and deveined 1oz parsley chopped 4 fl oz dry white wine 4 tbspn fresh squeezed lemon juice
Ingredients Onions chopped Lardons or bacon bits Mixed roots inc carrots and potatoes Celery Mixed beans Quick cook lentils Tinned tomatoes
Ingredients Olive oil Onion, red and green pepper all chopped Garlic cloves 2 is enough for four but you may like more or less 1 large tomato chopped 7oz easy cook rice Salt and pepper Chorizo sausage about 7 oz casings removed and cut into ¼ inch slices 16 fl oz vegetable or fish stock 1lb of large raw prawns peeled and deveined
Ingredients 2 chicken breasts Few slices of camembert brie or other soft cheese Red onion relish or cranberry sauce or mango chutney, or any fruity chutney you like. Slices of fine cut local dry cure ham e.g serrano, parma etc Small potatoes cut in two Courgette Carrots or other root vegetables Olive oil
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