Maxview Launch New Omnisat Seeker Satellite System



Satellite system manufacturer Maxview announced the launch of their top of the range satellite system  for the motor home & caravan market. Launched under the market leading Omnisat brand, it further strengthens Maxview’s position as the only UK manufacturer of both terrestrial and satellite systems with 13 different options in total for customers


The Seeker Systems


The Maxview Seeker Satellite system has been two years in development at the King’s Lynn factory with investment of over £250,000 creating a unique solution for the mobile market.

For those who have had portable satellite systems on their vehicles before or those have satellite TV services at home this is the perfect solution for equipping your motorhome or caravan and getting what you want to watch, where you want to watch it.


There are 3 elements to the Seeker system, the wireless control for selection of the satellite service you want, the dish control box that gets build into a cupboard and the roof mounted dish system.


The dish control system activates the rotation of the dish; this is done as the system does not know which direction the vehicle is facing and to insure the signal is available the vehicle needs to have a clear view to the sky in the South to South East direction and free from obstructions, as this is where the satellites are generally located in their geostationary orbit. If you have had a system before you will know this and will think ahead when parking your vehicle.


Maxview have added a unique USB socket the control box of the Seeker system and it can be located away from view. As all systems will be registered with Maxview to the vehicle, a USB stick can be distributed by Maxview directly to customer if ever needed to update the system if and when new satellites become available.


The unique feature that Maxview’s design team has integrated into the Seeker is a wireless control panel enabling activation of the system and realignment another chosen satellite in the sky to be done from the comfort of your own chair. The panel has a magnetic fixing and also provides time and temperature information as well as the name of the satellite to which the dish system is aligned. When the Seeker system is switched off the dish automatically returns to the travelling position; it also does this in the failsafe mode when the vehicle ignition is switched on.


The Seeker system works by scanning the sky through 360 degrees at around 60 degrees per second, firstly at the factory set elevation and then one degree lower and then one degree higher. During extensive research Maxview investigated the holiday locations of UK caravanners and motor home owners and set a factory standard for the quickest location times.


Maxview has also introduced another unique element to the Seeker in that the system comes fitted as standard with a twin LNB; this means that the system can be connected straight into a PVR satellite receiver such as Freesat+  or Sky+. Now for the first time a system is available that can provide a fully automatic satellite location for High Definition, Digital Radio and full pause, rewind and recording on a 12 volt and 230 volt system.


Maxview has provided two dish size options on the Seeker. The primary option is the larger 85cm circular dish that provides coverage throughout the UK, France, mainland Europe and into Southern Spain. The 65cm dish provides coverage throughout the UK, France and mainland Europe.  Both dishes can be combined with any satellite receiver to provide a full selection of channels. Maxview provide full satellite footprint maps for the various satellites on their web site to help you ensure you know what you will get, where you are going.


The dish system itself has one of the lowest profiles available, with a travelling height of 160mm reducing wind resistance and wind noise when on the move.


The Seeker 85cm option retails for around £1,995 with the twin LNB as standard for connection to any satellite recording (Freesat+, Sky+) receiver. The Seeker 65cm retails for around £1,895 again including the twin LNB as standard.


To support the product in the field Maxview is appointing a Nationwide Approved Dealer and Installer Network for the Omnisat Seeker and has a comprehensive training programme in place to ensure that all customers receive both the best advice and installation service possible from the network.


Full product details, specifications, satellite footprint coverage maps and all other details can be found on Maxview’s comprehensive web site




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