Ultimate Speed Intelligent Battery Charger review

Ultimate Speed Battery Charger

OK, so I admit to impulse buying occasionally when wandering around the 'specials' in Lidl and Aldi. This multi-stage battery charger was the result of one such browse.

It claims to be 'intelligent microprocessor controlled' and has a 'diagnostics programme and controlled charging process'.

The charger even comes with a 3 year guarantee.

What's in the box?

Battery charger with fixed leads and terminal clips
Multi language instruction booklet

Price (when available) around 15€


Background to the 'impulse buy'

The important plus point for me is that this charger claims to work on various battery types including AGMs which are what I have for leisure batteries. This review is not meant as a technical lesson into battery technology but I have become aware that different battery types require different charging processes. The onboard charger on my motorhome (and very many others) does not specifically cater for AGMs - there are just switchable settings between wet and GEL batteries. Selecting either of these will not give the right process for AGMs and there are conflicting reports from different trade sources as to which is the nearest compromise.

So, with this charger there is at least an opportunity to charge my leisure batteries properly and fully whenever convenient.


A quick read of the instruction booklet and this couldn't be easier. The first thing that advised is that the batteries should be disconnected from the vehicle electrics before charging.

The red and black clips are attached to the positive and negative terminals of the selected battery respectively and in that order and the correct charging process is selected by repeatedly pressing the 'Mode' button. Connecting the wrong clips to the wrong terminals just results in an error light coming on.

The charger will only start when the charging process has been selected. There are 4 Modes, the first is for 6v batteries, Mode 2 is for small 12v wet batteries, Mode 3 is for larger 12v wet batteries and Mode 4 is for AGMs. Whichever is selected will result in a red light to confirm the selection in the top row of lights and a red light in the lower row to show that charging is taking place.

When the battery is fully charged a green light comes in in the bottom row instead of the red.

It's as simple as that!


Ultimate Speed Intelligent Battery Charger review Ultimate Speed Intelligent Battery Charger review


Ultimate Speed Intelligent Battery Charger review

And, there's more!

There is one more useful feature on this charger. It claims to revive empty, discharged and overcharged batteries. This is by 'pulse charging'. The charger automatically recognises the state of the battery it's connected to and pulse charges if required. This continues until the battery reaches a stage where conventional charging takes over.


Very easy to use and again whilst this is just a user's review rather than a technical one, it seems to do all that it claims. Only available from time to time as with other 'specials' but well worth keeping an eye out for one whenever wandering around Aldi or Lidl.

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