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STAY IN EUROPE FOR MORE THAN 90 DAYS… JUST DO THIS! Schengen area and the 90 day rule for Van Life.

By NEILMAC in General 798 views 24th Jan, 2022 Video Duration: 00:09:51
TRAVEL EUROPE FOR MORE THAN 90 DAYS... JUST DO THIS! (90 day rule and Schengen area explained.

So since we started travelling in Europe in our campervan, we have been inundated with the same question, how are we getting around the 90 day rule. And it's really quite simple, so in this video I do my best to explain how to stay in Europe for more than 90 days as well as do my best to explain what exactly isthe Schengen area and how the rolling 90 in 180 day rule actually works.
Anyone with a standard British passport can do this, the simple truth is it's not actually that complicated once you get your head around the new travel rules since Brexit. We all know that travelling after Brexit was going to be more complicated but with a little bit of planning, and some general understanding, its more than possible to stay out in europe for a year, or more, and you dont need any special visas, passports, citezanship or dual nationality!

We know this is not our usual European travel vlog, and is nowhere near as fun, but as the true van life travel vloggers we are, we wanted to share the info we've found out so far on our most recent van life journey, so we hope this helps!

As always, thanks so much for watching, normal service will be reumed on Sunday.

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  • Nice informative video. Interestingly Mrs S is Canadian, no duel passport, and we did a year in Europe before Brexit nobody gave a toss even thoughNice informative video. Interestingly Mrs S is Canadian, no duel passport, and we did a year in Europe before Brexit nobody gave a toss even though she was from a third country. In fact the only difficulty we had was getting back into the Uk, even though she had been living and working here for sixty years!  More ...

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