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  4. Wednesday, 08 May 2019
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Our Timeline is the alternative way to post your input to the more conventional 'forums' (which are HERE by the way).

Using the Timeline is intended to be easy - actually a lot easier than trying to explain it! :)

If you're not already aware the timeline is at Your Page

Options for your post
All of the options - you only use what you want.... (this pic is actually the previous version but the current options are basically the same and are explained below.)

What would you like to post
You can post just words, words and/or photos, words and/or a link to a video, words and/or create an event, words and/or attach a file or words and/or a link to something.
what you would like to post.png

Option to choose background colour for your post.
Perhaps to add interest or just make your post stand out.
choose background colour.png

Where to type your post is in the usual place
type here.png

Option to 'tag' people if they are your 'friends' on here
Anyone you tag will get a notification that they've been tagged to bring your post to their attention.
tag friends.png

If you'd like to add your location or its relevant to your post
You don't need to be too exact unless you want to be.

Want to add your feeling to your post?
Happy, Angry, Sad etc

Finally, if you want to be specific about who you're sharing with select that here.
Your post will be seen by everyone unless you restrict it to you and your friends etc.
Otherwise just click the Share button
who to share.png

If you're used to social media like Farcebook you'll be fairly familiar with some of these functions but, even if not they're easy to use so please post away!
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If it ain't broke..... Don't fix it!
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