Monday, 19 November 2012
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These polls are completely anonymous as to who votes for what so please do vote for your real preference.

All feedback in this topic can be left by members as anonymous (tick/untick the anonymous box) meaning that no user related information will be stored (including IP address).

Club Motorhome has developed over the last 3 years with features being added throughout that time, Classifieds, Forums, Stopovers etc.

I'm always happy to consider adding features that members would like to see/use so if you voted 'More features' in the above poll please let me know what you have in mind.

Similarly if you voted 'Less features' let me know what should go and why :) .

Over to you....

If it ain't broke..... Don't fix it!

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7 years ago
Thanks Neil,
It works fine now B)
Hi Both, with the amount of tweaking you do on the site I think your footnote after your posts has become a little out of step with your actions. Dare I suggest :-
If it ain't broke..... Don't fix it! Evolve it.
Or something that does not suggest that waiting until things break is the best way.
Thinking about our campers, they sometimes make unusual squeaks, groans and gurgles, lights and gauges that are not reading 'normal'. This is their way of communicating to you that all is not well. Maybe not broken yet but always worthy of investigation.
In the same way thst you listen to the website chat, to seek to make our expierience better.

Has freedom to travel

Hi Traveller :)

This post came about in 2012 when there were major changes being implemented.... I think some one has got carried away with 'liking' posts which brought it, and other oldies, to the fore again.

Quite agree with you though and these days as the site structure is pretty established there are only minor tweaks made if absolutely necessary ;)

If it ain't broke..... Don't fix it!

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