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First, the maps when searching. Although a detailed map is shown when you select somewhere, the search map is so lacking detail you might as well not have a nap, and ALL the locations have the same icon, regardless of site type:

The parent map page at
Loads of instructions but still difficult to use. Tip - if you feel you need to post loads of instructions on how to use a map app - make it easier to use!
The 'geolocate' button doesn't always work - 'no results'?
I clicked into one site near me (Coventry). After I read it, and went 'back' - and the map had added 'Preston' to the search function! WTF!

Next - these forums
Why is it so hard to view the posts? Loads of wasted space showing avatars of 2 people in the conversation and a tiny icon to view the thread, with more wasted space

Even the file upload function here creating a post is clunky. 1MB limit? Most phones takes photos much bigger than that - it's hard to make them small enough. Storage isn't that expensive!

On the main menu, there's a 'Install our app' link - that just takes you to the home page. What's that about?

I've just paid £20 for this site. I'm REALLY unimpressed
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9 months ago
Hi Adam,

Firstly thanks for your feedback and critique it's appreciated even when it stings a bit :) :)

The search map:

As you say the search map detail is basic but you have your position (or the search position) marked in relation to what's around ALSO a scrolling list below the map of the displayed stopovers in distance order (which your screenshot doesn't show). But also as you say the selected stopovers have a much more detailed map which surely is much more useful.

Search-for-Pub-Stopovers-Club-Motorhome.png [image]

And no we don't use a plethora of different icons - just 'stopover' 'stopover with video' and 'wildcamp'. Your example is a pub type stopover search so the results are just one type - pub type stopovers. I may develop the icon system in the future but just now, as it has been for the last 14 years, it's kept simple.

As for too many instructions? You appear to be quite computer savvy but I can assure that many motorhomers are not and if there's a little helpful guidance it can't be a bad thing - you don't have to continually read it, just scroll down a couple of inches...

If you find there are no results, repeat the search with a larger radius. Maybe 10kms from Coventry city there are none but there may be within 20kms.

Geolocate does work as long as you have agreed to your location being available via your browser or in our web-app settings. But again if your search radius is too small there may be nothing available.

'Preston' is the default setting so just change it or use Geolocate.

OK now the forums:

Is it really so hard to view the posts? - I think you were looking at the 'recent topics' on a mobile. For the sake of a bit more space for explanations this screenshot is on a laptop but the elements are the same:

Recent-Posts-Club-Motorhome.png [image]

Everything you need is there and clear to follow.

File upload:

A 1mb limit is generous! Why on earth would I pay (it is not 'inexpensive' actually) to store massive images on MY server, all I ask is that people pay attention to the size of their images. Images to display on a website need to be no more than 100kb never mind even 1mb - we're not looking to create wall art from the images and it is actually quite easy to reduce images. There's a guide here Photo uploading guidelines

Install our app:

Our app is a web-app, it's part of the Club Motorhome software and you won't find it on Google Play or the Apple equivalent. It is an app in that it works independently of a browser much the same as your bank's app or a weather forecast app or Instagram or whatever (as rough examples).

If you follow instructions and prompts when you click the menu to 'Install our app' you will be directed to the homepage and if you follow along with the prompts the app will be installed on your home screen allowing you to access CM independently of any browser. There's also some offline capability which is explained in the second video.

If you prefer paper or a PDF file on your phone/tablet etc then we cover that with downloadable PDF's for all our pub stopovers - see here. Offline use of our web app

Hope that goes some way to answering your points Adam and thanks again for taking the time to bring them up :)

If it ain't broke..... Don't fix it!

9 months ago
Well Adam, I've taken notice of your feedback and attended to a couple of issues you raised.

The search map:

I've standardised the map display on the search result no matter what page a search is initiated from so instead of...


You'll now get...

Search-for-Pub-Stopovers-Club-Motorhome (1).png

The search result:

I've had a code override applied so that the search result opens in a new tab so it leaves your original search intact on your previous tab.

If it ain't broke..... Don't fix it!

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