Hi all. I am Tom, my long suffering wife is Jenny, we have 2 children and are both self employed. 

Often we are 'weekend warriors' due to work and the kids, however we do try to get away most school holidays, we do 4 weeks every summer and the last couple of years have headed to Europe.

My parents also have a motorhome and have had one all my life, so I have been bought up with it, we don't use campsites because of the freedom that gives, we often go away with no exact destination in mind and change plans last minute to suit our whims!

I have also had boats all my life and have a RIB with my father and a kayak on the roof of the motorhome.

I have really enjoyed Club Motorhome and have arranged a few informal meet ups and will try to do more.

 Neil and Caro are great people, we have not met in person yet but I'm sure we will one day.


We are Spinner & Mrs Spinner and have been visiting Europe ever since we first met over 40 years ago. Since retirement we try to spend around six months of the year travelling Europe in what is now our fourteen year old motorhome.  We don’t have a name for the van neither do we have a dog, although the opportunity to ‘adopt’ over the years has been tempting!  Our MH is eight metres long and is a tandem axle and we have no intention of downsizing or even changing, despite the current fashion promoted by the dealers.   Like Jack Kerouac, for us, motorhoming is about the journey not the destination. The quest for fulfilment before the sun goes down perhaps! Aires and wild/free sites, call it what you like, are our preferred choice but also enjoy a campsite now and then. So whether you have a small campervan or a large motorhome, kids, dogs or whatever, it doesn’t matter. If your idea of life on the road is the same as ours then come and have a beer, just look out for Spinner on the Club Motorhome Windscreen disc.