Marquis, the UK’s largest motorhome dealer network, is pleased to announce that they will be retailing touring caravans from 1st February 2010.
Branch re-location programme. Marquis Motorhomes, the UK’s largest motorhome dealer network announce the temporary closure of Marquis Surrey with immediate effect. Facilities at the current premises in London Road, Bagshot are no longer adequate to support the Marquis Group’s growing success in the motorhome marketplace. Marquis are actively looking for larger, more suitable premises for their Surrey branch and hope to make further announcements in the New Year.
Satellite systems are either what is known as: 1 way or 2 way. Unless you have several thousands of pounds available then 1 way is most likely the most cost effective option. Systems that use the likes of, for example, TracVision equipment with internet capability are classed as 1 way since they send data requests via GPRS and returns via satellite. 2 way systems, for example, the Alden Netmaster sends requests and returns via satellite making them non-dependant on the availablility of mobile phone signals.
Customer Survey Puts Bilbo’s Motorhomes On Top A recent customer satisfaction survey commissioned by Bilbo’s Design has revealed that all of their surveyed customers would recommend a Bilbo’s motorhome to friends. The survey also found that 90 per cent of respondents were satisfied overall with their motorhome with 80 per cent of customers rating a Bilbo’s motorhome value for money.
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