Having secured their tickets on Sunday 7th October 2012, Glastonbury Festival-goers will traditionally join the race to secure a motorhome, campervan, caravan or RV to hire for next June. Next year’s Glasto will clash with the British Grand Prix, meaning a shortage of motorhomes is likely.
Spain Meet 2012   Member C7KEN organised a superb motorhome meet at Denia in the Valencia Region of Spain in 2011 for another motorhome club. In 2012 he's organising a bigger and better (if that's possible) meet at either Denia or at Calpe at a new aire run by the same people.       Invitations have been extended to Club Motorhome members!
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  NEILMAC — Hi Eric and Pat, and welcome! <br /><br />Best thing would probably be to PM member C7KEN (he is the event organiser) to tell him you'd like to go on the reserves list. I'm pretty sure the meet is fairly oversubscribed now but he is keeping a list.<br /><br />All the best.......
  Ep4 — my wife (pat)and myself are both new to motorhoming but this sounds brilliant and hopefully would love to join you all.eric...
Dethleffs produce the 80,000th motorhome An auction in favour of Dethleffs Family Foundation Dethleffs have a real reason for celebrating: the traditional company in Isny/ Allgaeu does not only celebrate its 80th birthday but, produce right at the beginning of the year its 80,000th motorhome. For the Managing Director, Thomas Fritz, the double jubilee has a great importance: "This enormous luck to have produced the 80,000th motorhome during the 80th anniversary year has inspired us to value the both events in a special way. We are going to auction off the 80,000th motorhome in favour of the Dethleffs Family Foundation. The return will be a base for an increase of the Foundation assets with a remarkable sum of 80,000 Euros."
Find our aires and other stopovers more easily! We have extended the mapping functions for Spain, Germany, Italy and France by making the stopovers viewable by Region. Regional Map of France ___ Regional Map of Spain___Regional Map of Italy___Regional Map of Germany Our UK Stopovers also have individual pages for England, Scotland and Wales. This means that you can hone in on your area of interest more easily. Rather than having to select a stopover from a national map you can now choose the region first to see what's displayed in that area.  
We are giving away free subscriptions to 3 lucky members to celebrate Club Motorhome's first birthday. As a 'thank you' to those members who have supported us by subscribing during our first year we have drawn 3 random membership numbers and those selected receive free renewals as follows: 1st number drawn has won 3 free years - The winning member is jointe33 2nd number drawn has won 2 free years - The winning member is haganap 3rd number drawn has won 1 free year - The winning member is susannais Entry was automatic for all those members who subscribed before November 15th 2010.The draw took place on November 15th 2010 and the winning members have been notified by email. In addition to the winning members above, we would just like to say a BIG thank you to all our subscribing members who have supported us in our first year.
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