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Aguri RV500 DVR Sat Nav Review We review Aguri's latest portable navigation device incorporating a dash cam video recorder. Advertised Features 5" Full colour LCD touch screen Motorhome and caravan specialist navigation software Pre-loaded European mapping Free lifetime map updates Built-in high definition DVR dash cam Preloaded with specialist Motorhome and caravan POIs Aguri's Speedshield speed trap database No registration, download or subscription fees Bluetooth hands free phone capability Current price: (August 2015) Around £299 - Available from Aguri This is planned to be a long-term review and this first part deals with the unit itself. So be sure to read Page 2 of this review that covers the unit in actual day-to-day use AND Aguri's response to our findings.
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  Keptman — Forgot to mention that the dashcam app will either automatically (if in a collision) save the 10 seconds before and upto said collision. Alternatively you can save any portion of your journey upto 30 seconds...
  Keptman — We have a 7" iGo which was purchased new 4 years ago cost? £50. It appears to have all of the belles and whistles It even recognizes day and night as it automatically changes the screen definition accordingly. It also has bluetooth allowing me to use my phone hands free. There are many other functio......
  Roy Scott — That's good news. Not used a motorhome sat nave before and I can see the benefits...
TomTom GO LIVE Camper & Caravan review This is a product review that will be in more than one part. The first covers setup and finding your way around the device and any following reviews will cover the device in long term use. Features: Maps for 45 European countries, Lifetime Maps, 5in widescreen, LIVE services including HD Traffic, camping and motorhome Points of Interest (POIs), routing includes restrictions for oversized vehicles All of which mean that you should no longer negotiate too narrow and unsuitable roads, low bridges, weight limits and the like - we’ve all been there at some time! Current price: (July 2015) Around £330 Be sure to read Page 2 of this review that covers the unit in actual day-to-day use.  
Noza Tec Truck GPS Sat Nav 7 Inch review What’s in the box: Truck gps satnav 4GB built-in card Vehicle suction cup mount Home charger Car charger USB 2.0 cable English Manual Back bracket Storage Pouch Sunshade Price: around £40. Yes, you read that right - £40!!  
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  katmax — I have one of these as there was no way I could justify the cost of the big named versions that offer caravan/motorhome on them ... It has taken me all around the UK with only one narrow bridge in Northumberland that was 4" narrower than the caravan ... but fortunately there was a convenient gateway......
  KeithnGaye — I use one of these along with a tom tom, it's almost as good as Tom Tom in uk,it's annoying the way it gives you 3 chances to do a u turn befor it re calculates on wrong turn or detour.<br />Forgot to download France on Tom Tom before we went so used Noza Tec and it was brilliant, never let us......
  JockandRita — Hi Neil,<br /><br />I have been using one of these units for a good eighteen months now, but not abroad quite yet. That will be in Germany, during September 2015. :-) <br />I prefer it to my TT720 European Truck Maps, but as you point out, this one does take a bit of getting to kno......
Super Leisure Batteries - AGM Battery For those who love to travel when the weather is cooler or during the winter along with their techno gadgets and gismos that use a lot of power, I'd like to recommend AGM Batteries (Absorbent Glass Mat Batteries). After having re-equipped with carbon fiber AGM batteries, I have been freed from having to find aires/campsites with electricity hook ups or having to carry a generator around. I had struggled for years with all the power-hungry accessories and finally found a wonderful solution.
One of the very first accessories we bought for our motorhome was the water purification systems from 'Nature Pure'. No need to buy bottled water ever again, as it instantly purifies any drinking water. I first bought one of these systems for a boat which, following its last top up, the water absolutely reeked of chlorine. So much so, you could smell it on your hands after washing. It was as sweet as the proverbial when delivered by the tap supplied with the kit.
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