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  4. Friday, 09 November 2018
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The Tan Hill Inn has offered the above to the first member to gather 4 vehicles at the pub - great reason for a mini-meet ;)

Does anyone fancy arranging such a meetup?

The offer is because of my response to the new owners regarding listing their premises in our Pub Stopover listings so it would be great to continue building a relationship by taking up their offer.

This is what they said....

"Hello Neil

Just thought I’d let you know that the new owners of Tan Hill loved your response and as you were the first group to respond have said that the first member to bring up a group of 4 vehicles for a night will get a free Meal for two and a free breakfast the next day."

A meet is an informal gathering so it just needs someone to say they're going to be there at their preferred date and would anyone like to come along as well (Post it on the forums here for others to see and take it from there)

The pub details are here Tan Hill Inn
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