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  4. Sunday, 02 December 2018
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So we tried it out for size for the first time. In part that is!


We travelled all the way to the lake one whole kilometer away.
Got a pizza from the local bar!
Slept in the bunks
Used the, ahem, loo

Ducked out on taking a shower and cooking anything as being only a kilometer away we decided to shower in the house and a second night away probably wasn't necessary. There would be plenty of nights ahead to fight with the shower curtain and sit with the sniff of wet dog.


On balance it is a comfortable little van but the real test will be living in for a few nights with all that comes with it. I need to do some head scratching for two ring cooking ideas. Got a few but if anyone has any ideas apart form eating out they'd be most welcome.

Next trip XMAS!
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