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  4. Friday, 07 December 2018
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Found some old photos of my 1st Camper. It started life as an Advanced Linen delivery van.
It was a Commer walk through with a coach-built mahogany frame. I cut off the rear doors and rebuilt it with second hand caravan bits I got from a local repairer. Even did the upholstery and curtains. It had water tanks shower room/toilet and slept five. later six after I made a swing down single in the cab.
If I remember rightly all in including the basic Van it cost £350.00
1st trip out was south of France and we went back several times and had great times in it.
Full length roof decking that would stand as many on it that could fit.
The ladder and roof rails were part of an old fold over tent type garage that someone up the road threw out.
Hand Brush painted with Teclomet coach paint in the street on a dry day.
Those were the days.
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