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  3. Wednesday, 05 February 2014
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I had become disillusioned with motor homing over the past year but decided to get the van out and have a run down towards Almeria checking reception of Astra 2 on the trip. Before starting I did an up to date scan for new channels with the van parked on my drive near Torrevieja then I tried ITV which I have always managed to receive. However we then drove down to La Azohia a small fishing village south of Cartagena and I did another scan . ITV was good as expected but the BBC channels were surprisingly nice and strong too. We then travelled west as far as Agua Amarga stopping at Canada, and Mojacar and all channels were received with good signal quality. Therefore the current footprint with the new sats has to be better than it has been for years. There were many vans free camping at these four locations so that was also a surprise as a couple of years ago the police were moving vans on . The system used was the Kathrein Cap900 which is excellent but the signal quality was so strong I think most 80cm dish systems will have no problems. Once I recover from the broken shoulder I got (falling out of bed) we will venture farther and report on the situation at other locations
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