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  3. Sunday, 11 May 2014
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Hi all, calling all naturists,
We have been naturists for the last 37 years and have mixed naturism with camping, first in our caravan and then in our motorhomes. At the present time we own the best motorhome we have had the pleasure to own...a 2008 Moncayo 735 and are members of Suntreckers" the naturist caravan and camping club. The club has rallies all the year round, here in the UK and abroad.
We find it the best form of camping, being outside the motorhome, relaxing, playing boules or some such game with friends and other members of the club. We also go to other naturist clubs all around the country, it could be as on a Suntrecker rally (most of the rallies are on field sites) or on our own. The lifestyle has to be tried, but once tried you find just how easy and relaxing it all is. I wonder if there are any other naturists campers on this great motorhome site, if any one would like more information on this life style or the club please get in touch. I do hope there is some interest on Club motorhome. WELCOME!
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