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  4. Thursday, 05 November 2015
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It is grey and raining today here in Blighty so I started looking through some pictures from past trips to cheer myself up.

Now I know Mrs Admin wants to know what food and recipes we have on the go. Well, we love fish, not the stuff you get in a box or polystyrene tray but the proper stuff. So when we are out and about near the coast in the MH we are always on the lookout for fishing boats or quayside fish sellers.
Nothing is wasted as we always make soup with the head and the bits, My lovely daughter in-law is from Taiwan and when she is with us she always have the eyes, Of course we all suck the juice out of the prawn heads!!


The cod came of a boat in Norway and the Crab from Berwick , Lobster, and Prawns from Cornish a fish stall.

What do you cook?

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