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  4. Monday, 21 November 2016
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I tried to send this some moments ago but Mr BT in his wisdom is switching the internet off and on so the post didn't go.
Thinking about recipes etc as we are preparing to go to Valkenburg in a couple of weeks time. We will use our Mr D's thermal cooker for the first meal in the Netherlands, what a Brilliant piece of kit, not cheap but well worth the money. The cooker really does do "what it say on the tin". We certainly wouldn't be without ours that's for sure. I remember thinking I hope this is worth the money as we set of for France on the cooker's first run out, Scotch Corner to Dover then ferry to Dunkerque, in to the sans billet open the lid and there we had a ready prepared meal how comforting that felt. Does anyone else use one of these, we have the 4.5litre one. I've included a link.

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