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  4. Saturday, 05 August 2017
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Hi all, I could do with some advice as I can not seem to get a full answer? I have purchased an inverter generator and when I plug it in with my EHU lead through my Sargent EC325 control panel the reverse polarity light comes on. I have contacted Sargent and this was there response:

"It is indeed possible to use a portable generator (230v AC) . Be careful of the polarity; keep an eye on the reverse polarity light on your power supply unit and if it comes on change then positive and neutral wires around on the hook up lead, or in the generator.
Some small generators do not have the neutral bonded to the earth and as such a voltage can be induced that can cause the reverse polarity light to flicker slightly when in use. In this case the generator may be modified by a qualified person but just keeping the cable short will reduce the problem.
There are many good articles on the internet referring to the use of generators for caravans/motorhomes.
I hope this helps."

This seems a bit strange to me 1) don't want to start taking my new generator to bits and change wires around and 2) although a smaller EHU lead would be good I don't like the bit about reversing the wires in this lead as this would put the 13amp protection fuse on the negative and not the positive. I did try the generator for a short time with the polarity light on and every thing seemed fine.. I contacted Sargent again to ask if I could just leave the light on and ignore it but they don't seem to want to answer my emails? any help would be great!!
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