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  4. Thursday, 16 November 2017
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Whether you're new to Club Motorhome or a long standing member you'll have seen that the site is not 'just' another forum. Club Motorhome strives to be different from the run-of-the-mill motorhome sites and thrives on members' various input.

In recognition of those members who do contribute to the community we how have a 'Verification Badge'. There are various other badges that are automatically applied to members' profiles for various activities but the verification has to be applied for.

What is it?

Well it's basically a merit badge that displays next to your username throughout the site, see the photo:


Why have it?

It's a constant challenge to encourage members to become involved in the daily workings of the site so this is just a way to recognise those members who are also valuable contributors.

What are contributions?

Members can contribute by:

Paying a subscription, as in being a Full Member

Posting on the timeline

Posting on the forums

Commenting on articles and/or stopovers

Submitting stopovers

Anything else that adds some content to the website - liking posts, welcoming newbies, responding to those who welcome you etc.

How do I get it?

Now, I could spend ages going through all the members who should have a verification manually and apply their badges but it would be very helpful and much nicer if you apply for one yourself.

If you have done one (or all) of those things listed above - please do click to verify your account as shown in the next image and lets see who does help to make this website and community 'tick' :D


(Pssst! You can start showing your involvement by clicking 'Like' at the bottom of the post :D )
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