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  3. Sunday, 29 April 2018
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Hello everyone, directed here from a post on Facebook so decided to join. We have a 2017 Pilote P650GJ which we purchased new in March last year so we are relative newbies and still on a (slightly less) steep learning curve. We've racked up nearly 9000 miles in that time, UK only, and we couldn't use "Lottie" for 3 months of that time due to the dreaded EGR recall. We're loving the lifestyle which is amazing as, in 2014, we hired a motorhome for two weeks touring the Scottish Highlands and at the end of it said "never again"! We had so many problems and bad weather - we hated the whole experience. However, here we are now loving it and off to the Highlands again in June but this time we know what we're doing, we can reverse and park without panic and, best of all, we both drive it equally. Looking forward to reading all the posts and joining in.
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