Friday, 17 April 2020
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Hi All ,I was just wondering after the lockdown in Spain ,i know many campsites were asked to close . I know there were some in Benidorm asked to close . If they kicked off motorhomes & caravans where did they expect people to go? in the streets, i guess? . Because we can't drive about to see that there are still motorhomes wild camping , in areas such as Santa Pola & along the Coast to Los Arenales. But if people have been kicked off sites etc how do they get water to sustain life? also where are they supposed to dispose of their rubbish , grey water & empty their toilets? This is something the authorities probably don't think about. Be interested to know how people are managing . Good luck all & stay safe lets hope we can all continue to enjoy our lifestyle soon . Cya Concerned Bill
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