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  3. Friday, 12 June 2015
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Just an update with a few pics of my ongoing installation of a Gas Tank.
As I have only one 11Kg gas bottle of german origin I had many options to install a Gas storage bottles or tank.
I decided I could gain some space by installing an underslung tank and gain an outside locker.
The base unit is a Renault Master dci 140.I decided the best place would be between the back axle and the spare wheel as the other option behind the exhaust had a few cables that would be hidden by the tank.
The tank I chose was the 270 40 litre tank measuring 270mm x 792mm or in english 10.63" x 31.18" this fitted just between the chassis and was just above the axle.The empty tank is 24.1 kgs plus the frame 2-3 kgs more at 80% fill this gives me 32Ltr or 16 Kg of LPG total full weight approx 44 Kg.Not bad from a possible 22 Kg if I,d chosen 2 refillable bottles.

Space under floor

frame attached

Extra brackets on this side for extra security.

I lifted up one end of the frame and tank to rest the two metal supports on this half inch bar

I can then easily swivel up the other end and push the 2 threaded rods up through the floor fixed with a metal plate across at the top.This is in the compartement under the bed so unnoticable.I couldn,t do the same the other end as it would come up in the toilet area.Together with a couple U bolts to fix to the bar this gives me a solid fixing.
Pete and jan
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