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  3. Monday, 01 February 2016
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Hi I have a 3 year old Alden system it just uses a sat box HD CI+ . I have a problem now finding the signal manually or automatically , it just spins around forever!
I have removed the box & tried it on my home installation & it works fine all the normal channels.I have just over 12v feed going up the Coax cable to the LNB so that ok & also no leakage on the coax. What i do find though is that the pivot hinge for the bar the LNB fastens to seem to allow the bar to waggle about quite alot .ie if I hold the bar at the LNB i can move it side toi side about 1/4" to 1/2" this seems quite a lot to me , it isn't worn just seems its made like that. If anyone has a Alden or similar it would be interesting to know if they are all like that ?
Can some one please check theirs & let me know please. Anyone know how to check that the LNB is aiming at the center of the dish too please. All this & i know i still won't get UK tv down here in Spain , well only PICK & Sky news etc.
Ok thank hope to get some feedback regards Bill
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