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We're off!

We managed to set off yesterday after hastily packing the van - we do seem to leave this to the last minute lately!

Anyway, our normal routine is to travel about 35 kilometers to our favourite beach side wildcamp area, where we finish packing stuff into proper areas in the van and make up the bed etc. We also had the chance to say hello to some people that we saw last year at the same spot.

The location is not very scenic in the parking area but is literally just next to a lovely beach, VERY quiet at this time of year and great for walking Digger - it was from here that we rescued him a whole year ago!

We dined on pizzas an enjoyed a DVD before turning in, knowing we had a fairly long drive the next day.....

So today we were up and about earlyish for us and prepared for our long leg north to Huesca. Before we left I wandered around our parking area and lost count of the motorhomes - at least 60 and a dozen of them Brits. Most vans being Dutch with a proportion of German, its certainly becoming a popular spot .

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February in France? That's going to be cold!

We're route planning for our next trip which is mostly on familiar ground between Valencia and Norfolk in England.

It's an exciting trip as we plan to arrive around the time our fifth grandchild is born.

We have a vets appointment booked for next week so that Digger gets his annual rabies shot and anything else he needs before entering the UK.

So all that's left is to finalise our route. Its not a great time of year to be travelling up through France and we expect that we will find water taps turned off where frost is a problem but we'll manage.

We're going to take a couple of weeks en-route using some coastal wildcamping for a few days to make the most of the sunshine before actually heading north.

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Start your own blog on Club Motorhome!

If you have read other motorhomers blogs with interest you may have wondered how to go about starting your own. Maybe to keep a record of your travels or maybe just an online diary that your friends and family can read?

In order to start a blog you normally need to acquire your own domain name and a hosting package for that domain, you then need the software to set out the layout and content of your blog. There are free methods of doing this but it can be quite complicated and somewhat confusing if you don't feel to confident with computer technology.

Well, after trying other blog software in the past we have now invested in some dedicated blog software for use within the Club Motorhome website. This makes it very easy for any subscribing member to start their own blog and of course it's free!

There are 2 ways to get to the start point:

1. Subscribing members will notice on their profile page that there is a new tab 'My Blog'. Clicking on this gives the option to 'Write an entry' - that's it! Just write away and submit your copy to build up your own blog.

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