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Motorhome and kayaks












Its no secret that I am a water baby and love to be afloat or near water, given the chance I would live on a beach!

I find that things like kayaks complement the motorhome lifestyle perfectly, the option to go out for a paddle or a surf on a whim, as I feel like it. It all adds to the easy going relaxed times my motorhome gives me.

As you can see from the above picture usually leave our kayaks on the motorhome roof, so they are always there, they do not effect the fuel economy or driving significantly either.

It's very liberating to go out for a paddle at sea, to surf on the waves, explore the coastline, go fishing or just to admire nature, in a kayak you cause much less disturbance, so you can see many unique animals, from fish in the water to seals to birds and sometimes more unexpected sights like dolphins.

Its amazing exploring the nooks and crannies of a cliff, caves and inlets.


My Kids love kayaking too. In the picture above they are paddling an inflatable kayak which I bought because it packs up small to go in one of the motorhomes external lockers, it takes a bit more effort to paddle compared to the 'hard' kayaks but is quick to inflate and deflate. However, if they are not dried out fully before packing up they will go mouldy. I found that out the hard way!

We used to favour double sit on top kayaks because the kids could come with me. The above pic shows me taking them for a paddle when they were young. However whilst the larger double kayaks are very stable and seaworthy, I found they are a bit heavy for putting on the motorhome roof regularly.

So we now have 3 of the above single sit on top kayaks, they are light and easy to lift on and off the roof rack.

The kids can paddle them with ease and they take a paddler weight of 110kgs, so even I can keep one floating, most of the time!


The above photo was taken by me from my kayak in France in August. As you can see the beach isn't busy.

My kayak has been in the med, around some French islands, round Hayling Island and Looe Island in Cornwall.

So if you fancy taking up kayaking, I find its a great addition to the motorhome.

Its best to do your research and try out lots of different types of boats before buying, many suppliers have regular 'try a boat day' events where you can go and try the whole range they sell with no obligation to buy.

Also and hopefully obviously water and kayaking, whilst great fun can be dangerous.

When kayaking at sea especially things like tides, wind direction and strength and sea state can have a drastic effect.

I always take reasonable precautions.

I carry my phone in a waterproof bag and have a waterproof marine radio with a GPS based emergency beacon within it clipped to me. I wear a life jacket and often a wetsuit and I am attached to the kayak and paddle via a leash, so we cant be separated in an accident.

I also do things like paddle against the wind or tide at first, so on the way back I know they will help me, if I'm a bit worn out.

However it is important to know when the tides may change and which direction they flow in, the tide can build in strength quickly and you could be at the mercy of it when worn out from paddling.

It would be wise for newcomers to work in gradually and take advice and training to stay safe.









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