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Hilarious British Motorcycle 1965 Safety Film - Vintage Triumph - Norton - BSA

By NEILMAC in General 1060 views 24th Aug, 2021 Video Duration: 00:08:34
Look, Signal, Manoeuvre is a 1965 motorcycle safety film chock full of British humor. Watch Tom and "Tom's friend" as they ride their vintage British motorbikes around town. One safely, and one... not so much! Can anyone identify the two motorcycles used in the film? If you have an idea, please post in the comments. Thanks!

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Comments (5)
  • I only rode like Tom when taking my test...
    Love the stereotypical rocker gear of "Toms's friend"
    Tom did not see the lady at the crossing thoughI only rode like Tom when taking my test...
    Love the stereotypical rocker gear of "Toms's friend"
    Tom did not see the lady at the crossing though did he
      More ...
  • Don't blame me
  • The wolf whistle at the end. Tut tut not allowed today!
  • My bike riding style was a mix of the two.... depending on who was watching
  • NEILMAC wow, they had invented camera's back then, I'm impressed

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