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A little about motorhoming in Greece from the author of EAMLESS TRAVELS blog.

Greece is a dream with a motorhome to visit. You can basically park anywhere and as long as you do not take out chairs, awnings, etc you will not be bothered. A motorhome is treated the same as a car as far as parking is concerned, i.e. if it is OK for a car to park then the same goes for a motorhome.

We visited Greece between October and December 2015. Wifi is available in every café, bar and restaurant as well as many towns for free. Diesel is aout €1 per litre, LPG about 70 cents. Water is available everywhere, we drank it straight from the tap and never had a problem.

Ryanair has cheap flights to the Islands which we took advantage of and you can park at Athens Airport within walking distance to the terminal for €3.70 per day.

Places to stay in Greece

Members! Please send us details of Aires, campsites, wild camping areas or other stopover places you have stayed at in Greece with your motorhome - they may welll be of interest to other members - all reviews welcome.

Just tell us a little - location, cost, facilities etc. What you liked and what you didn't! Include a photo or two if you'd like.

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